Social Phobia/Anxiety

We often fight for “social status” without realising it, and if someone doesn’t like us, and we are in our primitive minds, our status can suffer. The primitive mind brings negativity. It could be from school or socially negative experiences. The reticular activating system (RAS) may start after, and these socially negative experiences make us focus on past mistakes. When you see others as threats, you enter the primitive mind and think negatively, and everything is negative. This can spiral out of control and cause social anxiety.

What’s the best outcome?
Your RAS must monitor positivity and social success to keep you in your intellectual mind. “Experience” is the most important thing to focus on because your mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality. In theory, your RAS could be focusing on your positive thoughts, and this could manifest in your everyday life and especially in your social.

Can we help?
After emptying your stress bucket, we can better address your social anxiety. Then we let what we call your intellectual mind do the rest, but before that, we will get you into a place where your RAS is activated to see the positives and get your mind and body in the best shape. We don’t focus on your past, but we use your past history to make the best judgement for the future. You have the tools in there already. We are just here to unlock it.